Being a Home Owner in a Wild Fire Area

Being a Home Owner in a Wild Fire Area

If you live in a forest or wildland area, you face the real danger of wildfire. Wildfires destroy thousands of homes and devastate hundreds of thousands of acres of woodland every year. Protecting your home from wildfire is your responsibility & it is possible to reduce the risk.
So other than always being ready for an emergency evacuation, what are 4 things you can you do to help your home?
Learn about the history of wildfire in your area.
Be aware of recent weather. A long period without rain increases the risk of wildfire. Consider having a professional inspect your property and offer recommendations for reducing the wildfire risk. Then consult with the fire department on how they will respond to your community in the event of a wildfire.

Keep the volume of vegetation in a 30ft zone around the house to a minimum. 

If you live on a hill, extend the zone on the downhill side. Fire spreads rapidly uphill. The steeper the slope, the more open space you will need to protect your home.
• Remove vines from the walls of the house.
• Move shrubs and other land- scaping away from the sides of the house.
• Prune branches and shrubs within 15 feet of chimneys and stove pipes.
• Remove tree limbs within 15 feet of the ground.

Use fire resistant materials in the siding of your home.

Such as stuc-co, metal, brick, cement shingles, concrete and rock. You can treat wood siding with UL-approved fire retardant chemicals, but the treatment and protection are not permanent.

Identify all combustible materials outside the house. 

Stack firewood 100 feet away and uphill from the house. Keep the gas grill and propane tank at least 15 feet from house. Clear an area 15 feet around the grill. Place a 1/4 inch mesh screen over the grill.
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