Cozy Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Comfy and Eye-Catching

Cozy Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Comfy and Eye-Catching


Cozy Living Room Ideas to Make Your Space Comfy and Eye-Catching—According to Interior Designers

Bring on the throw pillows, luxe textiles, and a conversation-worthy sectional

Read on for more cozy living room decorating ideas that are as eye-catching as they are comforting, according to interior designers across the nation—from New York to Louisiana to Chicago.

Tunes and Tones

This contemporary-style San Francisco living room by Barcci Builders has a restrained palette ranging from creamy white to caramel and deep, reddish brown. The low-slung leather lounge chairs and casual beige sofa invite fireside conversation, movie marathons and jam sessions.

Invest in two-of-a-kind

When it comes to choosing room furniture, consider doubles. “Think in pairs,” says Peter Dunham, the Los Angeles-based interior designer. “Pairs of chairs and poufs give a sense of symmetry and completeness. Pairs make the singular items, like this curvy sofa, stand out.” It makes the room look twice as nice.

Roll in with a bar cart

Ponterio insists that a bar cart is a must, saying, “It’s a real nice sign of hospitality when you have guests over to have a tray with a couple of spirits in your living room. This allows guests to feel comfortable and make themselves a drink.” Place a beautiful art print above it for wall decor that matches the style of the bar cart.

Bring in bold color

White walls may seem like an answer to a minimalist approach to home design, but when it comes to selecting a color scheme for a cozy living room, give it a pop of color—especially if it is a family room that could do with a bit of character. Bold color doesn’t have to be brash. 

Midcentury Mix

An eclectic mix of metallic accents, retro furnishings and vibrant art and textiles fills the living room of this St. Louis, Missouri, midcentury ranch home by Joni Spear Interior Design. The room’s black-and-white rug and console echo the parquet marble checkered floor in the adjacent family room, which conjures images of stately English manors with its green walls, antique furniture and lighting and artwork depicting hunting scenes.

Dress up the coffee table with greenery

Don’t just leave coffee tables and side tables bare, even if you’re going for a minimalist or a midcentury modern aesthetic. Add a ceramic vase with flowers or greenery to soften the angular shapes of books. “Creating a natural and organic feel in a space involves incorporating elements that evoke a sense of nature, tranquility, and comfort,” says Kristina Phillips, principal of Kristina Phillips Interior Design in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

Plush upholstery for the win

Suzanne Dawson of Suzanne Dawson Interiors in New York City and a mom of two teens, says she is crazy about smart fabrics from Kravet, especially the velvets. “You can’t tell the difference between velvet that is washable and stain-resistant and a traditional velvet,” she says. Design-forward brands like Rove Concepts also stock durable velvets for sofas and sections, like the marshmallow-like Belia sectional that feels, and looks like a cloud. Dawson also recommends playing with bouclé as a durable and textured fabric to make your living room cozier. “Places like West Elm offer a variety of furniture pieces upholstered in this soft and loopy fabric,” she says.

Scent the space

Not all living room decor has to be visible to make an impact and turn the space into a cozy enclave. Just like an accent wall, an accent scent can completely transform a space. While candles are always a nice decor touch, a diffuser is the way to go for someone who doesn’t want to worry about blowing out the flame. Look for a cold-air diffusion, like AromaTech AroMini BT, which breaks down the fragrance mist into nanoparticles that linger. We love the Fig & Orange Blossom scent that evokes a luxurious resort setting right at home. It also uses Bluetooth technology so you can control it with an app.

Go big with the coffee table

Dawson loves a large coffee table and promises that dressing it with books you enjoy and great accessories will warm up your living room. She sticks with a few chunky accessories that are easy to remove if you want to put your feet up during a Netflix binge. Ponterio’s approach to accessorizing is similar, sticking with a few choice items that reflect your interests.

Though you might be all about cozy living room ideas as the temperature starts to drop, a successful home design should feel comfortable year-round.

We hope these ideas will give you a good start at refreshing your living/family room for those cool California nights! Share which are your favorite ideas & the one or two you might add to your current design...





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