Design Trends in 2023

Design Trends in 2023

Home Design Ideas That Will Change the Way We Decorate in 2023

We did some research for the latest home designs trending so far in 2023. Have a look, get inspired - 2023 is all about self-expression. Take what you like & leave the rest!

1. Infuse decor with warm wood tones 

Warm wood is making a comeback, notes designer Lindye Galloway, based in Costa Mesa, California. “Wood can bring warmth, depth, and an intimate feel that creates a serene scene,” she says. Galloway particularly enjoys incorporating it into the ceiling and vanity pieces in the bathroom. “This can especially help with an all-white bathroom where you want to keep it light and bright but have that warm feeling,” she adds. On a smaller scale, consider DIY’ing a warm wood frame for an existing mirror that could use an upgrade, or swapping builder-grade metal drawer pulls with stylish wooden elements. 

2. Pantries continue to reign

Pantries that prioritize function and maximize storage are something we’ve grown to appreciate even more in recent years. “If being under quarantine at home revealed anything during the pandemic, it’s how to become more organized,” explains Houston-based Sherrell Neal of Sherrell Design Studio. “The pantry is not just a junky storage room of dry goods, it’s how we plan meals, sort food groups, and make shopping lists. It’s really become an extension of the kitchen space.” Neal anticipates that we will continue to see an emphasis on pantry organization and design into the new year.

3. Mix and match old with new

Styling antique finds alongside contemporary furnishings will never go out of style, says designer Joshua Smith in New York. “The thrill of combining these items is incorporating modern pieces into more traditional spaces, or vice versa,” says Smith who suggests by tossing in a French Louis chair into a modern space. Just don’t go overboard by adding too many periods into one room. “It brings confusion to the energy of the space,” he continues. “Think about common threads between the objects, like color, texture, shape.”

4. Display artwork with flair

Gallery walls have their place in the interior design world, but when it comes to specialty art pieces, like a vintage canvas painted by your grandmother, or a thrifted midcentury print. To display consider innovative approaches to hanging art, such as installing a picture rail or layering a cluster of vintage frames on top of one another.

5. Try a surprising color

Energetic greens like Troop Beverly Hills, a new hue from Backdrop, are sticking around for 2023. “Emerald green is a timeless color that will never go out of style,” notes Rachel Burger of Nashville’s JL Design. “We like to incorporate saturated colors, such as emerald green, into our designs because they are attractive and stimulating to the eye.” 

6. Hail curvy furniture 

Curvy furniture is still en vogue, but try not to overdo it when arranging your favorite pieces. Alonso offers guidance: stick to two curvy items per room. “Try a coffee table with a curvy detail, perhaps some table lamps with subtle curves, or perhaps go with a curvy mirror,” he suggests. “Don’t overdo it, unless you’re going for the Memphis, post-modern capsule. At which point, knock yourself out.” And keep measurements top of mind as always. “Due to the nature of the shape, curvy furniture takes up more real estate in a room,” adds Hayley English of Hayley English Interiors in Pasadena. “Confirm all pieces are of appropriate scale before pulling the trigger.” When in doubt, select one piece and decorate around it.

7. Elevate with reeded detail

Reeded detailing is here to stay. Julia Newman, a Los Angeles designer and founder of Julia Adele Design says, “because not only does it look good, it is an easy DIY project.” Cabinets, kitchen islands, and IKEA revamps have all seen plenty of reeded love. Fluting, a similar design with concave grooves, as opposed to convex ridges, is also gaining traction. Use reeding [or fluting] to transform a number of furnishings. “You can take simple, inexpensive, or older pieces and add this detail to make it look high end and give it new life,” says Newman, who recently worked on a project that involved a reeded murphy bed. “Many available options looked dated,” she explains. “Since this would be such a large piece I wanted it to add visual interest to the room.” 

8. Stencil floors 

While stenciling tile is nothing new, creators are steering away from the overdone encaustic tile patterns in grey, black, white and blue and experimenting with contemporary motifs. “Choose starkly contrasting colors for a crisp and fresh look,” suggests Annie Sloan, paint and color expert based in Oxford, England, and creator of Chalk Paint, who has utilized household objects including cereal bowls and magazines to create one-of-a-kind stencils. “These simple shapes look fabulous in block bright colors. Pastel square shapes reference ’50s diners, perfect for grand millennial interiors, while curved designs reference Vernor Patton and ’60s cool.” 
Let me know which is your favorite.
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