Kids' Room Ideas

Kids' Room Ideas

Ideas for the perfect space for kids!

Designing kids’ bedrooms can be fun. For designers, it’s typically the room in which we get to turn the decorating volume up and go a little crazy. At home, it’s important to keep in mind practical elements, including storage and future use, while also making sure your little one’s personality shines through. These ideas & suggestions will help you create a room that is just as rewarding for you as it is for your child.
Create a space that siblings will WANT to share.

This designer created a loft with twin beds and two more beds underneath which gave them plenty of sleeping space. Around that, they worked in a large desk, dresser and TV for video games. A shared space might not be as private, but the boys will have memories that will last a lifetime.
Create Zones for Sleep, Play and Work

How do you establish good sleep habits for your child? Instill the idea that the bed is for relaxing and sleeping by zoning the bedroom according to function.

Provide a proper space for the desk, so your child will not be tempted to do schoolwork on the bed. Establish a separate corner for play too, to avoid clutter in the restful sleep area.
Build In Storage

Storage is paramount when designing a kids’ bedroom. Put simply, you will need lots of it and then some more. Kids outgrow and collect things over the years and need somewhere to store them. Open shelving is a great solution, as you can use boxes to hide toys and clutter, and then display books and treasured possessions in the open. This works especially well for kids, as they are highly visual and will enjoy being able to see all their favorite things.
Tip: Open shelving works on any scale. For smaller rooms or book collections, try using a few shallow floating picture shelves to achieve the same look.
Create Some Interest

The beauty with kids’ rooms is that you can have fun and step outside your decorating comfort zone with special features.

Painting a whole wall in chalkboard paint may seem like an effort; however, the result is stunning and practical. The wall will be a place where kids can draw and create. In years to come when they’ve outgrown the chalkboard, it can simply be painted over.
Elevate Play

Kids can’t resist lofts: They’re just more fun than playing on ground level! In this space from Slightly Quirky, a mezzanine-level loft sits above a pair of twin beds with built-in storage below. In the play loft, ample shelving creates a home for the children’s book collection, and the transparent loft barrier lets grown-ups keep an eye on play.
Provide Color Therapy

You can use color to enhance your child’s sleep, concentration and psychological comfort. Children with a lot of energy, for example, may benefit from a soothing color in the environment, Kim says, adding that “if a room is super fun, bright and stimulating, some children may have a harder time winding down for rest.”
Some psychologists believe these hues promote certain feelings, so use them accordingly:
  • Red: passion, aggression
  • Orange: pleasure, optimism
  • Yellow: creativity, fun
  • Green: balance, harmony
  • Blue: peace, calmness
  • Violet: meditation, imagination
Provide the Right Lighting
You can help your child retain good eyesight by providing proper lighting. This means a good amount of natural light, a warm white light for general illumination of the room after the sun goes down, and a task light for schoolwork.

Some children may also need a night light for anxiety or nighttime fears, while others may be comfortable enough knowing that the light switch is within arm’s reach of the bed.
Stretched out. If you have the wall space, this is another way to fit in two bunks. Take a look at the decor too: It’s kid-friendly and beautifully stylish. The red-patterned wallpaper on the side walls (but not the back one) increases the sense of height in the room, while the boats on the duvet covers tie in to the design with understated panache.
Uplifting. A creative setup like this would put a playful twist on a shared space with older children. Not everyone loves sharing a room, but these swing-style beds would certainly make it feel more fun. Cheerful orange accents in clean lines give this room a classic feel, despite its unusual bed setup.
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