Residential Pools in California, the Staple of a Luxury Home

Residential Pools in California, the Staple of a Luxury Home

Everyone knows that relaxing by any form of water is good for our souls and mental clarity. Throw a luxury pool in your back yard and you’ve created an experience!
Here are some of my favorite pools and maybe they will give you some ideas for yours too!

Palm Beach

Landscape designers lined the swimming pool's brick deck with olive trees.


I love the reclaimed scaffolding for a rustic-chic decking material surrounding the swimming pool. The large Agave americana provides lush contrast.

For his home in Montecito, California, designer John Saladino was inspired by Roman and Greek nymphae (Natural grottos are said to be homes of nymphs) in designing his hedge-framed pool and patio.

This one isn’t from California, but it deserves a spot on the list any way! At this 1926 Mediterranean revival home in Florida designed by Lou Marotta, a pair of antique French carved stone figures depicting Greek philosophers overlooks the swimming pool.

The infinity pool overlooking the city needs no explanation!

Are you up to date on the regulations for a pool?

Since 2019, in addition to a regular 3-sided pool fence, all new pools and permitted renovations (those that require a permit) must have at least two of these safety features:

  1. Enclosure that isolates the pool or spa from the home.
  2. Mesh safety fence that isolates the pool or spa (ASTM F2286-05).
  3. Safety pool cover or automatic cover (ASTM F1346-91).
  4. Door alarms or gate alarms (UL 2017).
  5. Door closing and latching systems, with latch at least 54″ above floor.
  6. Pool alarms meeting ASTM F2208 standards.

What about when you sell a home with a pool in California?

Sellers are not required to bring the pool or home ‘up to code’, but you may be asked to anyway, after the buyer reads the home and pool inspection report.
As defined in the code, “Swimming pool or pool means any structure intended for swimming or recreational bathing that contains water over 18 inches deep. “Swimming pool” includes in-ground and above ground structures and includes, but is not limited to, hot tubs, spas, portable spas, and nonportable wading pools.”
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