Things Realtors Suggest Doing the Day of Showing Your House

Things Realtors Suggest Doing the Day of Showing Your House

Do you know or know of someone who only had one showing of their house, and BOOM they sold it? Or a house that didn’t seem to be on the market very long? So how does that happen? What are they doing? How did that Realtor hit it out of the park that fast?

First of all

  • Declutter & Deep Clean the entire house.⁣
  • Repair any issues.⁣
  • Fix up the yard.

Then there are things that Realtors suggest people, who sell their home in one showing, do the day of their showing.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Make sure all rooms are cleaned and ready to show off. This includes all storage closets! When showing the closets off, be sure they are arranged to show how spacious they can be!

Set The Tone

Make the house smell good & let the light in. As humans, things that pique our senses are the very first impressions we get when walking into a room. Make that first impression a good one.
Stage the Home!
Just like arranging your closets to show the potential of space, you can stage the home by a professional to show each room’s potential for living space.

Lastly, take any pets with you.
I personally suggest to my selling clients the Compass Concierge. It essentially helps you prepare your house for those showings & eventually the sale. CC fronts the costs of home improvement services like staging, painting, flooring, & more. Check it out HERE.
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