Underrated House Plants

Underrated House Plants

7 Underrated House Plants

The design world was already beginning to embrace houseplants before 2020, but pandemic lockdowns made buying green friends even more desirable. In addition to offering a slew of wellness-related benefits (like purifying the air and helping to lower stress and anxiety), plants make for excellent decorative pieces. Keep reading for some plant ideas.


This is one of my favorites for plant styling, as it comes in so many colors and varieties. If you need a plant that’s lush and bushy, Aglaonema (or Chinese evergreen) is the one! It also has become one of my favorites as it’s easy to tell when it needs to be watered, which is great for new "plant parents".


The Peperomia plant family is definitely underrated. While the star is always the watermelon Peperomia, the other varieties are often forgotten. Their foliage comes in different variations, making them exciting to collect. They are also compact and drought resistant which is perfect for the beginner or busy plant parent.


There is a type of Dracaena for everyone! They are also low-light-tolerant and drought-tolerant, so they basically can live anywhere in most conditions. People associate them with being office plants, which they can be because of their low-light tolerance, but when they are styled well, they look very modern and beautiful. People often mistake them for palms. They can also get very tall!

Mistletoe cactus

The mistletoe cactus doesn’t get nearly the amount of love it deserves. Unlike desert cactus which require lots of sunlight to survive, the mistletoe cactus is native to tropical regions and can tolerate lower levels of light. Its thin and pencil-like foliage eventually begins to cascade as it grows, making it a great choice for a shelf or bookcase! Even better, it’s nontoxic to pets.


These plants enjoy bright, indirect light, but can survive in low-light conditions as well. Watering this plant is pretty easy: once a week during warmer months and every two weeks during colder months. These plants grow fast!


I think Bromeliads are underrated but awesome additions to any garden because they are like micro-ecosystems. The majority of them have cups that hold their water, and wildlife flock to this water source. They also bloom beautiful flowers.

Rhaphidophora decursiva

The underrated decursiva is a vining plant that develops glossy, deep green leaves - the leaves begin to split and fan out as they mature. They’re easy to care for and even easier to propagate.

Let us know what plants you have indoors.



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