Upgrading Your Curb Appeal

Upgrading Your Curb Appeal

Why is Curb Appeal important? Well, other than being the best looking house on the block, if you’re wanting to sell your home you’re going to need to step up your curb appeal game.

So how can you do that?

First Clean!

Power wash the front of that house! You would be amazed at what some power washing can do to brighten and freshen! Its like getting a brand new, freshly painted house at a fraction of the cost!

Pruning, Mulching, and Planting

Trimming back shrubs and over grown trees, pulling weeds and laying mulch (like a ton of it) will transform your yard and take your curb appeal to the next level! Next, plant some flowers its like the cherry on top!

Dress Up Your Patio

The front entry is the focal point to your home’s curb appeal and should also reflect the home's interior, so choose pieces that represent your personal style. Make your porch stand out, but also keep it inviting!

Update The Little Things

Upgrading elements like your door hardware, lighting, planters, door bell and house numbers will add lots of style and interest to your home's exterior. These little changes make a huge impact and give off all of the welcoming plus happy vibes.
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