What Millennials Want In a Home

What Millennials Want In a Home

What is important to millennial home buyers and what should home sellers know to prepare their home to sell to this upcoming group of home buyers?


They are likely not interested in fixer-uppers.

They gravitate towards homes that are staged and look like the furnishing came straight out of the popular interior decor stores. Some may even pass up a home with good value and financial investment just because the house needs some paint. They want the new appliances and the clean fresh look right away. Most don’t have the time to do home improvements or they just don’t have the cash to put in new kitchens and baths.

You can never have enough storage space.

This is pretty self explanatory. 

They like specific features.

This age group is looking for an open floor plan, new large kitchen, large windows for natural light, and a mainly white or cream from the ceiling to the floors. Remember the clean & fresh look I just mentioned?


Growing up tech savvy, they’re going to love a home & appliances that can be managed from their phone. Especially, those features that are energy saving like solar panels! In addition, with the increasing trend of people working from home, a home office or a space they can sit outside to work is a huge plus.

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