My Favorite Things from 2020

My Favorite Things from 2020

We have said good bye to 2020 & a HUGE hello to 2021 along with a sigh of relief Im sure for many. But 2020 wasn’t all bad!
This Pandemic has made being a Realtor difficult. Not because of the market, but because its hard to social distance!! One of the things I love about my job is the new people I meet & the honor of helping them find their forever home. 

SOLD is my favorite 4 letter word!!!

I'm beyond happy with the property transactions that happened this past year! Whether I was working with the Buyer or the Seller, every single one was a pleasure. You can see new ones here - sale

Lifestyle & Home Tips

If you are subscribed to my monthly newsletter, you’ll see that I release a monthly article on my blog to help home buyers & sellers. I also have articles on living in Los Angeles! Here are a few from 2020 with the most vital info & tips!

Understanding Closing Costs as a Home Buyer & Seller
Some of my most frequently asked questions from my clients have to do with closing costs.
The Neighborhoods of Los Angeles
Being a Realtor in Los Angeles has given me the opportunity to see all that LA & her beauty has to offer.

Being a Home Owner in a Wild Fire Area
So other than always being ready for an emergency evacuation, what are 4 things you can you do to help your home?
Getting Out During a Pandemic | LA Restaurants With Outdoor Seating
All kinds of food lovers can find a place to go in this article!
Overlooked Questions When Buying a House
If you’re in the process or plan to be in the process of buying a home, the following questions are ones that you need to be prepared with.

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Investing in your piece of the American dream and becoming a homeowner boils down to the professional representation you implore to get the job done. Basya is your agent.

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